Know What to Do During a School Shooting

Hire Nathaniel Tavarez to discuss school safety topics today

Violence in schools is a serious problem, and it's hard to feel 100% confident that your students and staff are safe in their own school environment. Nathaniel Tavarez offers school safety topic discussions for school administrators and educators in Lubbock, TX. He'll have conversations around the scientific research of school safety protocols and initiatives to help prevent school shootings. Call Nathaniel Tavarez today to learn more about his school safety topic discussions.

Let's work together to eliminate school shootings

Since 2018, there's been a total of 92 school shootings. We're seeing more instances of gun violence than ever, especially within the school systems. Nathaniel Tavarez is ready to bring knowledge of school shootings and help with ways to eliminate this horrible cause of death. He helps educate school administrators and educators on:

  • Knowledge of school safety topics
  • Initiatives to help eliminate school shootings
  • Scientific research into school shootings

He'll make sure to provide a comfortable environment to talk about these subjects and be there to answer any of your questions along the way. Set up school safety discussions with Nathaniel Tavarez today.

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